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How could we obtain flour (whole sale) as a group?

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How could we obtain flour (whole sale) as a group?

We are a small group of bakers which struggle to find flour (whole sale, as a group) at a decent price. we are selling at a farmers market in Brevard NC.

I realize, as a very small business one is really disadvantaged because of not being able to buy large amounts of ingredients. Buying wholesale from a online dealer always has high shipping costs which sets off the savings. Sharing does not seem possible because of tax issues or at least not recommended (according to my accountant). Are there any ideas of people who are in the same position as we are? As always thank you for your input.


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Are you near a Costco?   I know Costco does carry some nice flours and even if it didn't provide all of your flour it may save you some money.  Better yet.  If you took the time to drive to a major city and pick up your flour you could save quite a bit and have a full line of product to choose from.  Just do your research online of what company will give you a good price if you were to pick  up your flour   Finally.  Are there any nice bakeries in the area?  If so go talk to them and see if you could order through them?  It's quite possible they would be glad to help you out.  

Hope one of those works




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thanks Josh. Unfortunately Costco is too far away, nearly 3 hours but I have spoken with our baker in town and he would be willing to help us out. Up till now I was lucky to get my flour through Sysco but they have stopped all drop shipments  country wide:(.

thanks again  Barbara

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Faith in Virginia

Your not that far from     very nice people with a nice product.  They give you better prices for larger amounts.  You should give them a call.  I just placed an order with them today.  Tell them I sent you (just want to let them know I'm sending people their way)   It looks like a small operation (family run) so I like to support the little guy and keep them in business.  Then we don't have to go to Costco or Wall mart for baking supplies.


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Les Nightingill

I would press back a little on your accountant. I find it hard to believe that sharing a source of raw materials creates a tax issue. You may have to maintain a small amount of paperwork to account for the distribution of the flour to the bakers, but that should be very low overhead, which you'd do anyway just to aggregate the orders. 

If your accountant is resistant, have one of the other bakers in your group get  a second opinion. This should be very solvable.

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Wow, that's interesting. Will educate myself on that. Thanks    Barbara

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Kitchen Barbarian

There is the North Carolina Organic Bread Project which is situated near you in Asheville

Carolina Ground, a mill associated with the NCOBFP

Not so near you but if you're willing to make the drive:

In addition to restaurant depot, there is Sysco Foods, which has 2 locations near Charlotte and one near Columbia SC

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Thank you for your answer. I myself buy already from Carolina Ground  my wheat and rye grain which I love and mill it myself. The bread flour is unfortunately too expensive for us. Sysco stopped all drop shipments so no 50lb KA flour for me anymore :(.  I have in the meantime spoken with our baker in town and he is willing to help us out. He gets his flour from Lindley mill. we don't know yet about the price.

thanks again. Barbara