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We 3 gmas baked English Muffins!

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We 3 gmas baked English Muffins!

The pantries and freezers were out of English Muffins. Hard to believe, I know... with Sourdoughs to feed and Yeast Waters to grow, but it happened, we restocked this week. Sourdough EM, Barb and Helen used KA's recipe, I used Wild Yeast's.

The lead-in is Barb's picture. Closer...

Great looking muffins and nice fresh peaches... Nice!

Here is how you do it!

These are Helen's muffins grilling on the cast iron grill on the stove top... if you have never made English Muffins, it is as easy as this! I always try to do things just like Helen does, or Barb... being child 6 of 7 has really honed my "follower" skills. LOL

Here are my muffins... hiding to cool, so that they can be frozen and taken out to thaw as needed. 

And there you have it... all restocked and ready for a great week (at least) of muffin madness! Next bake is "sourdough something" ... can't wait to see how we spin this one!

Happy Baking,

Barbra, Diane and Helen

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make EM's this week. I had my apprentice look and sure enough we were out of them and bagels too so it has been a busier week of baking than usual and more on the whole grain side.

Your EM's all look fantastic, well crafted and finely dry fried too.The peaches have been good this year and would be the perfect accompaniment for the EM's. My apprentice likes to McMuffin them and pile on the fixings - like everything else she does.  One day she will Dapumpernickel them !

Well done and happy baking GMA's

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pumpernichel english muffins?! ;-) post pictures.  I was thinking of bagels too! But today, I am going to make a soft sandwich loaf of yeasted banana bread.

just checking the internet for the recipe... KAF site

I have made this a few times the banana just moistens the crumb like potato... good bread.

Bake on.


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English muffins are soooo easy and the results are soooo much better than most store bought EMs!

It's OK to let bread makers know how easy it is, but I don't let on to others who don't bake*. Let 'em think it's magic.

Not only do they make good breakfast, but also a fantastic hamburger bun with attitude. I make ours bigger than "normal". A friend suggested to us that she makes the EM recipe and just makes it into a loaf of bread that gets baked and by golly if that doesn't taste like EM but w/o the punching of the rounds and the grilling.

* OK, in this case fried or grilled.