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My "Quick" breads

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Juergen Krauss

My "Quick" breads

Quite often - especially during holiday times - spending time with my family can interfere with the optimal sourdough build schedules.

If we then run out of bread I usually make some improvisations based on Dan DiMuzio's Pain De Campagne (90% bread flour, 10% medium rye, 68% water, 2% salt, 0.3% instant yeast, from memory).

These breads are quick because they are same-day breads; but they still take about 5 hours from start to finish.

Two of these variations have been especially popular with my family:

The one pictured in the title photo is made using bread flour, medium rye and wholegrain wheat flours, plus toasted sesame oil.

This results in a very rich flavour and a moist crumb with a very light feel.

 The other bread uses a brown rice flour scald and high extraction wheat.

Both formulas use a bit more yeast than in the original formula, bulk proof for about 2 hours.

Here the formulas:

1. Sesame Mixed Flour Campagne (Ugh...)

 WeightBakers %
Bread Flour35070
Light Rye Flour5010
Wholegrain Wheat Flour10020
Instant Yeast30.6
Toasted Sesame Oil408


2. Rice Campagne

 Weight (g)Percent
Rice Scald  
Brown Rice Flour10020
Boiling Water30060
Final Dough  
High Extraction Wheat40080
Instant Yeast30.6
Rice Scald40080

Here a crumb shot of the Sesame Campagne


And here a picture of the Rice Campagne






ananda's picture

Love the Rice Campagne Juergen,

Bet that's sweet and tasty!

Best wishes


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Juergen Krauss

of the Campagne is surprisingly neutral, in the best sense.

It seems to support well whatever you put onto it, and the wholewheat taste - which I find sometimes unpleasant in yeasted WW breads - seems to be neutralised by the brown rice.

I should make a sourdough version of this.

Thanks a lot,


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Those are mighty beautiful for Quick breads, juergen. A good baker never runs out of tricks, and you have plenty under your sleeve.


Juergen Krauss's picture
Juergen Krauss

in this context.

Your comment is much appreciated!


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Hi Juergen,

Nice loaves :- )  I have had to come up with similar loaves when our bread box empties suddenly….I never know how much to bake.  Bread here seems to get eaten in waves.  All will eat bread daily for awhile so I get into that rhythm but then the wave ends and eating slows down so I slow down then it picks up suddenly which is when I have to ad-lib with a 'quick bread' of my own.  Luckily I know how to do that now thanks to this site and people like you who share.

Take Care,


Juergen Krauss's picture
Juergen Krauss

Nice to hear from you!

I am sorry for my very late reply - I have been very busy with family matters.

Your  questions inspire many bloggers here to share their deep knowledge and stimulate rethinking of processes.

Best Wishes,