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Almond beer mixed rye bread with linseed

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Almond beer mixed rye bread with linseed

Before I put my bread here, I have to present my excuses. I am not sure if I have to put the recipe here in the forum or maybe in the recipe section? Anyway, I'll just put it here first. I am now in the beta testing phase of my automatic bread calculator which gives me the nice task of “having” to bake (and try) many different breads. Ah, live can be hard, isn’t it? So let me share some with you guys and don't be shy with your suggestions, ideas, critics and maybe you like to try and bake it as well? Anyhow, here is how it goes:


  • Rye Flour 138 g
  • Water 138 g
  • Rye Flour starter 13.8 g

I am using the simple Dettmold method to make my sourdough. It’s pretty simple. Mix everything together to smooth dough without any clumps inside and let it rest in a covered bowl at 24-28°C for 14 – 20 hours. After your sourdough is ready, don't forget to take some starter away and keep it in the fridge for your next bread.

Nut piece            

  • Crushed almonds 40 g
  • Rum 4 Tbsp

Let the nuts soak in the rum for 4 – 16.            
Swollen piece            

  •   Linseed40 g
  • Water 40 g
  • Salt 12.2 g

Immerse everything in the lukewarm water, cover it up and let them swell for 12 to 14 hours at room temperature.
Main dough

  • Rye Sourdough flour 289 g
  • Nut piece 80 g
  • Swollen piece 92 g
  • Rye Flour 321 g
  • Wheat Flour 153 g
  • Beer 300 g
  • Dried yeast 2.2 g

Idea dough resting temperature 28 - 29°C

I now let the dough rest for 30 minutes and stretch and fold every ten minutes. After this, I form the bread and let it rest for an hour. I then put the bread in the oven at 250 degrees Celsius, add a cup of water to create enough steam. Then I bake the bread for 15 minutes. I then turn down the heat to 190, let the steam off and finish baking the bread for another 30 minutes. Then I switch off the oven; let the bread stay another five minutes inside. Then I take it out, cover it up and let it cool slowly. Anyhow, as it’s a mixed rye bread, I will let it rest till the next day before enjoying it, can’t wait to tomorrow, the bread looks and smell amazing.

I did calculate the bread to a Dough Yield of 170 so the bread will be easy to form freely and so that I would not have to use the form in order to bake it. So, what you think of the bread? I think the result is all right?

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it's beautiful. i like baking with beer...

waiting for a crumb shot :)


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Sounds like a very creative formula and I look forward to hearing how it tastes with the beer and soaked nuts.

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Hi guys,attached is the crumb shot. I am positively surprised about the size of the crumbs, quite big for a loaf of mixed rye. Wonderfully done. The beer taste (thanks god) is remarkable but not too strong, i used some premium Germany wheat beer for baking. The soaked nuts give that surprise moment of crunchiness that is still soft and the overall taste... hmmmmmmmmmmmmm :). Here the promised picture.

What you think?

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Wow!  Looks perfect!  Well done indeed.

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Thanks mate, that is appreciated. I think I can still work a bit on my free-forming skills.  There will be more breads following.

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The shaping just takes practice.  There are some good videos on You tube that will help.  You just need to create some better tension and you will be perfect.


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That looks perfect on the inside.  Quite impressive.  

Bet it tastes amazing


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Yes, I know, i watched a good portion of them and link up to a few of them from my blog. Only accessing youtube from here is not always easy as you know from your trips to China :(

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I hear you.  I had to download some proxy server software that allows you to get around it but it is very slow.

Look forward to your next post.


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@Ian: You bet that I tried most of them by now :(
@Josh: It does taste amazing, give it a try :)