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It's always nice to see a

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It's always nice to see a

master baker at work even if you have seen it before.  The picture is a take on David Snyder's Pugliesi Caprioccio (sp?)and the video is Chad Robertson not baking with a DO :-)

Happy baking


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but as you say worth another watch !   thanks and that is one very pretty loaf. c

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I put this in the oven at 100% proof by mistake and, since this loaf isn't one that is slashed and is baked seam side up,  it puffed itself up full height without a tear or crack to be seen.  Couldn't do it again if I tried:-)  Maybe my apprentice could?

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But it looks to me as though you were both with this bake.  Very pretty coloring on the crust.


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corn meal.  Janet has me putting it everything now!  Yes, luck is better than good - especially when you need some!

Glad you like it Paul - a great bread!

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It's inspired .... Clearly, it did take a deep breath. Look at those ruddy puffed up cheeks!

It's funny this shows up right now. I truly just took a small loaf of Pugliese Capriccioso out of the freezer. It will be made into garlic bread to accompany our pasta with bolognese ragu for dinner. 

Thanks for posting the link to the Tartine video. I've watched it several times before but still enjoy it, if only for the bread porn.


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the bread David.  I make it all the time.  My change is 3.5% each of WW, spelt, rye and corn meal of all things.  It makes fantastic garlic toast as you say but also grilled for bruschetta or just dipping in olive oil with herbs balsamic and parmesan.  This one the SJ and the SFSD are classics that we just make over and over.  Just top notch

Here is a crumb shot.,  Not as good as yous but my apprentice is trying :-)  Happy Baking David!

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one of my pitas - only dabrowner...


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Khalid does from now on - went right out and bought a rack to span the large burner on the stove to puff them up out of the pan. Loved that video he posted.   What a great way to make pitas.

This is some pretty good white bread  - but which of David's isn't? I remembered to put the seeds in the Tzitizel last time too.  So much better with them in there. 

Happy baking Karin

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puffed up loaf. Good Job!

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muss no fuss loaves of bead and why i like it - besides how great it tastes.  You dump in a basket seam side down to proof and then you dump it onto parchment on a peel and on the stone it goes with no slashing required.  IF this one wasn't over proffed it would crack uniquely as it expanded in the steam but this on just rose to the max and stopped with no crack.

Glad you like ti adn happy baking.

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Seamless expansion, DA! lovely blistered crust too.

I'm glad you like the idea of stove pita baking, I did.


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Goodwill and got me a nice rack that will take the heat and span the largest burner aboiut 1/2" off the surface of the ceramic top.  Now I have to find a CI roti pan. to be authentic:-)

I like the corn flour in this bread too,  Glad yoiu liked this white bread - only 15% whole grain.  Here is a lunch shot.  Happy baking Khalid

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Only 15% whole grains....Lucy must be running for the hills :)

Perfectly executed bake DA.  I have to bake another one of these soon myself.  

Happy Baking


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can get before falling under the bread police threat!  Will  make up for it with the 100% whole grain bagels tomorrow.  We too bake this, SJ and SFSD all the time - each with a little more whole grains than what David calls for.  They all are great breads and all anyone needs for white bread.

Isn't it great to see Chad not baking with a DO?  Can't wait to see his new Whole Grains book

Happy baking Ian.


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Puffed up just right.   Very pretty.   And like Ian, I'm stunned with the only 15%.   Strange.   -Varda

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100% while grain Stan Ginsberg SD bagels with yeast water.  Stan wouldn't have anything to do with this bake but I am using his method.  Since the whole part of the grains is in the levain and home milled, it was a very thirsty and stiff dough.  The bagels have been in the fridge for  6 hours already and they look exactly like they went in.  We will leave then for i8 hours and take another peek to see if they need another 18:-)

Happy baking Varda.  Chad is watching you.....and hoping your new venture is successful since you are on the East Coast and not in SF.