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We 3 gmas baked with Margarita!

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We 3 gmas baked with Margarita!

That is Barb's daughter-in-law, not the drink...although.... 

We baked Filipino Ensaymada... a great bun thingy with melted butter, sugar and shredded cheddar on top. 

Barb's cooling rack picture leads the intro... and below are Helen's and my finished products... and when I say finished I mean GONE!!!

These are (were) so good... but then how could they not be??!!

First are Helen's....

And now Mine...

Very good... light, but almost chewy crumb... very tasty... and addictive.

We had a Filipino Chicken Adobo with these rolls... Lucy didn't show up so all went well.... Great bake... was fun for Barb to add in the kids and grandkids... Good times!!!

Happy Baking, 

Diane, Helen, Barbra and Margarita.

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to all weekly group baking - as long as it is past noon - somewhere!  I had to look up the recipe on line to make sure that I knew what was in these exactly but, I was wrong of course, but nothing new there.  I'm pretty sire they are Spanish in origin because of the name.  We used to eat them in Olongapo, PI but I don't remember them having cheese on top cheese.  Now I have to make them with cheese and they might still be better for you than cinnamon rolls :-)

Pancit Bahon is a favorite Filipino  dish and your Chicken Adobo sounds like it would have been right at home on top of some noodles:-)

These little treats all look sweetly desserty in a cheesy way.  Not so odd a combo that has to taste great.  i love cheese with jam, egg and bacon for any breakfast sandwich and these would be a good bread for that too. 

Nice baking all the way around,  Nice to see your baking circle growing with Margarita's addition.  That has to be fun.

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Those sound and look amazing.  Wish I could sample some along with that tasty dinner!

Nice baking as always.



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Thank you both, Ian and DAB... these sounded really unusual to me, and they were... but they were very delicious. I am sure we will have them on the menu again one day.

happy baking, Diane

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Thank you Da and Ian for your kind comments. This week's baking was a fun one, in the midst of ten days of almost nonstop baking and cooking. And copious amounts of time eating of course! None of the 3 gma's had even a passing acquaintance with ensaymada before this week so that made it even more fun. I can't take credit for mine though because I had the expert guidance of my daughter in law. Next time I make cinnamon rolls I am going to try using this soft, shreddy dough. That needs to be a while though, especially since, in the spirit of finishing up the leftovers before leaving for California, we enjoyed the last of the last fresh peach pie for breakfast and the last of the cheesecake for lunch!