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sourdough foccacia - Reinharts formula.

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sourdough foccacia - Reinharts formula.

Went to the mother in-laws for dinner. She asked me to bring an appy. I brought a batch of foccacia from the Foccacia formula found in Reinharts "Artisan breads every day" book. I didn't manage to get a picture of the crumb, as it disappeared in about 5 minutes after the first pic. The crumb was pretty open, but I was a bit rough with it after the final rise. I think with a bread like this, people will pay less attention to the crumb and more attention to the toppings, which was fine with me because I wasn't happy with the crumb.

Toppings are

- Chopped tomatoes, mixed with a handful of minced fresh basil, white wine vinegar, garlic, fresh thyme and greek oregano. Plenty of salt and pepper. Finished with a healthy sprinkle of grated parm as soon as it came out of the oven

- Caremelized onions, goat cheese, fresh diced/seeded tomatoes, salt, pepper and then finished with some reduced balsamic vinegar and topped with wild arugula.  Sprinkled with grated parmesan as well. I was going to include a dizzle of pesto, but didn't have enough basil left.


Sorry about the external galleries, my computer where I can resize images is in my babies room...who is sleeping right now. Don't wake the baby!


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and the crumb is hidden :-)

Happy baking.