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translation help

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translation help

wheat stalk=is is l epi  or d epi  ?

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Pain d'epi is literally bread of wheat stalk, but l'epi is the wheat stalk.

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thanks, I am opening a bakery in a few months with this bread as the signature so I better have the spelling correct

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... the forms l' and d' occur when the word following them starts with a vowel.

Their original forms are "le/la" and "de". The former is the definite article (masculine/feminine) and the latter is the proposition "of", meaning in such cases "made of".

On the other hand, from, we get

un épi (by , Guide) = spike, tuft

Examples: (a) Attention ! Ces fleurs ont beaucoup d'épis = Be careful! These flowers have a lot of spikes; (b)
Il est mignon avec cet épi de cheveux sur son front = He's cute with that tuft of hair on his forehead

Épi also has some less common meanings:

  • breakwater
  • corn cob
  • cowlick, quiff
  • ear (of corn, wheat)
  • herringbone (pattern)
  • part(ing) of a horse's mane
  • (garé) en épi - (parked) diagonally

Hence, from the way it's usually shaped, pain d'epi means bread shaped like a wheat stalk.

Take care!

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