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I have raised a heathen.

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I have raised a heathen.

My son, home from college for the summer, had been chomping at the bit to try one of my BBA French Bread baguettes, but I wouldn't let him touch them until they had cooled. When one reached room temperature I gave him a piece, and then turned aside to do some cleaning.

Next thing I know I hear the sound of the microwave: yes, he had put my baby into the machine that turns good bread into gum, in order to melt some hard butter he had placed on the piece. 

I did not disown him, though I am trying to figure out what I did wrong in my childraising.

BTW, he now says he likes the non-microwaved ones a little better. Oy.

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Teach him to put the buttered bread under the broiler for a few seconds (~30) to soften the hard butter.  I do this all the time when I prepare buttered toast.  I can then spread the bread and toast it in the oven.

BTW  All teenagers are heathens, but with gentle encouragement they will turn out as great adults!  I have two former barbarians who are now just great!!!


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Mini Oven

chop some garlic and trow into a frying pan to heat, add the few pads of butter and then soak up the garlic butter with pieces of baguette cleaning up the pan.    :)   My heathen now adds fresh chopped herbs (no longer a teen) and grills some food to go with it.  Also good with left over corn on the cob.

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reason to own a toaster oven.  Hard butter on top and toast until it is soft and almost melted.  I do love day old rolls and baguettes sliced open with butter in the middle and then rewarmed in the microwave too .  Some if us heathens never change :-)

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But he's not interested. At least he's now willing to heat the butter first and not put the bread in the gum machine.

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A few years ago, when I had a 19-inch CRT computer monitor at work, it would generate so much heat, I would warm food items on top of it. ;-) Now with the LCD flat screen monitors, things keep falling off. ;-)

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He should have slathered his rubber baguette with a good portion of ketchup - to make it a gourmet version. I know these heathens, there are some grown-up ones in my family, too.


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But where is the logic in ruining good bread in order to spread cold, hard butter? It only takes a few seconds in the microwave to turn refrigerated butter into a puddle. Doesn't it make more sense to heat the butter? Glad he finally submitted to your wisdom, and is "willing" to heat the butter! What are they teaching in colleges these days?

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I think you should reconsider disowning him.

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Mini Oven