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My first ever attempt at Ciabatta

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My first ever attempt at Ciabatta

I have been baking bread in loaf pans for years and have recently been branching out and trying other types of breads.
I have learned much by cruz'n around on TFL so thought I would show off a little. ;)

I welcome any comments or observations.

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Nice job! I too recently tried ciabatta for the first time. It's so rewarding to cut open the loaf and see all those holes!

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Thanks. 2 of the loaves never made it past dinner time. ;)

Just made a chicken sandwich with some of the Ciabatta. Was awesome.
I will be making it again next weekend. Right now I am in the middle of my normal Sunday baking schedule. 4 loaves of white sandwich bread and 2 loaves of Whole Wheat sandwich bread. We don't buy store bought bread any more!

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le boulonger86

That's good looking bread bayou, well done