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Dark whole grain bread, almost black.

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Dark whole grain bread, almost black.

Dark bread, almost black. This is a kind of a Pumpernickled bread, adapted to the mediterranean palate. In southern Europe we are not used to eat those german 100% black ryed breads. We find it too heavy, so this is a light version with greater role of wheat flour:


- 200 gr bread flour

- 150 gr whole wheat flour

- 100 gr whole rye flour

- 60 gr molasses

- 260 ml water

- 1 tsp cider vinegar

- 1 tsp instant coffee *

- 2 tsp cocoa powder

- 9 gr salt

- 6 gr instant yeast or 18 gr fresh yeast

- 1 tsp fennel seeds

- 3 tsp caraway seeds **

* You can replace instant coffee and water adding 260 ml of light coffee (100 ml of coffee and 160 ml of water). It doesn’t matter if coffee is decaf.

** You can replace caraway seeds by cumin seeds. It’s not the same but it’s similar.

Mix coffee with water, molasses and vinegar.

Mix flours with cocoa powder. Mix wet ingredients with dry ingredients.

Let it rest 20 minuts. Knead. Add salt. Knead. Add seeds. Knead. Add yeast.

Let it rest between 1 hour and 1hour and half. Preshape a batard. Let it rest 10 minutes. Shape a batard and put it into a tin spreaded with oil. Let it rest about 1 hour or more. Preheat the oven at 240C (464F). Put the tin into the oven. Create some steam. Reduce heat to 190C (374F) and bake the bread 35 minutes.

More info:

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Looks yummy, though not a pumpernickel by any standards, sorry :)  It would, though, be close to a pumpernickel if you used rye meal instead, and used a sour rye in place of the yeast. What you've baked above is an excellent whole grain black bread.


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Yeah, I know this is not pumpernickle. This is a version in which I try to get the same flavours and the aromas of the real pumpernickle bread, but in another texture and greater role of wheat flours. That's why I seed "Pumpernickled" bread and not "Pumpernickle" bread, because it's a whole grain bread with pumpernickel reminiscence.

Have a nice day, my friend.


Abel, BCN.

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... looking bread, Abel!

The recipe is fairly similar to the very good Schwarzbrot recipe I baked earlier last month and then discussed extensively here with several TFLers, especially Khalid andKarin! From their tips, I 'developped' another version of the recipe that ended up generating a loaf a lot better (visually, crustwise, crumbwise, tastewise, etc) than the original. The major difference is that the Schwarzbrot is 62,5% rye.

Don't forget to give us the pleasure of some crumb shots!

Have a great week!

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That was my very first post at TFL and concerned one of the first breads I baked.

At the end of the thread, there is a tweaked version of the original Schwarzbrot recipe. This new version yielded a much better, tastier bread a few weeks later.

But, don't get me wrong, a comparison was not the intention of my comment above!

After all, I'm just a beginner, trying to learn how to bake a few good breads at home, while you are clearly a very accomplished and experienced baker, as we can gather from the quality and diversity of the breads you bake.

Have a great day.

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Wonder what it looks like on the inside?

I'm guessing you gor what you were looking for - a sweet,sort of on the light side of rye that had darker color than a deli rye would have. Well done.

For better flavor, less sweet and evne more dark coloras you are still on the brown side, I woudl cut the molasses back to 20g, add 20 g of barley malt syrup, 4 g of red malt and use a cheap dark porter like Russian Baltika for the for liquid.  It will taste better and be a darker brown.

You can't get closer to black unless you use double chocolate malt and bake it pumpernickel style, low and slow, to caramelize the sugars to near black.- or use squid ink.

It has to be a fine tasting bread as it is though.

Happy baking

Nice job

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looks delicious...I would enjoy the lightness of this bread for a sandwich loaf.  Nice crumb on your bread.


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SylviaH, I invite you to prepare it! Have a nice day.