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Instant read thermometers

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Instant read thermometers

I have read so many times "use an instant read thermometer" and would like to do just that - but what type? I would love to hear from you all with recommendations for your favorites. I saw one in the grocery store - but would I be wasting my money? Nothing fancy, just something to test my loaves and hopefully last a while. Thanks for any help, A

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I have had sucess with the

Taylor 9305 Non-Contact Infrared (IR) Digital Thermometer with Thermocouple Probe Thermometer

Found at


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I've found that basic, cheap instant read probe thermometers work well enough for my needs. I probably wouldn't trust them for more than a +/- 2 degree tolerance, but when it comes to checking for doneness thats about all you will need. Even if you had a perfectly accurate probe, the temperature would probably vary more than 2 degrees depending on whether you hit the exact center of the loaf.

Also, these usually can be calibrated (there will usually be a hex nut on the back). If you have a digital thermostat or other reliable thermometer you can probably calibrate and improve accuracy. Also, if you drop one of the instant-read thermometers, they will go out of whack, so you probably will need to calibrate periodically.

So in short, they're not great, but they work well enough for me.

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My Thermapen is among the most important tools in my kitchen.  I would add my scale, OXO wisk (awesome handle feel), wusthoff bread knife, and steel handled silicon spatulas .. no more broken handles (William Sonoma).

 The Thermapen is a bit pricey at about 80 bucks, but I've had two other types.  Add the incremental cost, plus less effectivenss and it is a great commercial-grade investment.  Reads in seconds, pin-point accuracy, large temp range, Very Easy to read.

 SD Baker

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AnnieT, this is the thermometer I use ( -click here- )... works a treat and is fast and reliable. I bought a couple of them when they were on sale for $5 but I'd buy it for the current price without regret. The Thermapen has to be 'better' in some way, I am *absolutely* satisfied though with the less expensive version.




P.S. Just checked and on the thermometer is even $10 more than on Amazon. 

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we bought one of those inexpensive things at the grocer, a few years ago.  it still works for us.  Besides, how can you read those LCD things by moon light?

You can get a lot of those five dollar ones for the same price as the high dollar hard to see ones.



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Thanks guys: Brotkunst, SDBbaker,Uberkermit, Rick2u and Jeffrey. I knew you would help me out and now all I have to do is make up my mind which one. Too bad my birthday long gone. Thanks again, A