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I suggest a contest

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I suggest a contest

Let's have a contest:


Come up with a question that hasn't already been answered on TFL ad nauseum, and a long list of answers (agreements and disagreements) can be found using the "Search" function provided--right-hand side of The Fresh Loaf banner on the home page.

Prize: everyone who enters will learn a new skill or hone an old skill: how to use the "Search" function on TFL.

David G

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Is there anything that hasn't been asked-and answered- on TFL? I am continuously amazed when I have a question to see how much information is on this site. Search is a powerful tool.

On the other hand, there are times I prefer to ask first so I can get a sense of direction or even so I can "hear" a human voice that may share or alleviate my frustration. Sometimes, I don't know enough to  know how to form the right question or keyword. Like the child I am, sometimes I just want an easy answer without exerting myself.

So now that I can answer a lot more questions, I try to remember that I certainly vexed the "adults" around me at times by asking instead of figuring out or searching for the answer myself. I appreciate the never-ending patience and enthusiasm of all the experts here who have guided me and the fact that they cared enough to provide the guidance.  When I feel impatient, I try to take a deep breath, relax and say to myself that today I will practice my skill in patience.

You sent my mind spinning on what could possibly be unasked. There is SO much information here.

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What is the percentage of water in Greek Style Yogurt?

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it is what ever is left after 4 hours of natural gravity draining in the fridge.  Mines thicker than that awful thin stuff sold in stores though :-)  You can salt it, press it in a mold with weight and make a nice yogurt cheese out of it too. Tangy like goat cheese.

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...the simple answer to the simple question lies at the end of a load of 'deep geek speak' that you just don't understand... and sometimes you're not quite sure exactly what the question is that you need to ask because you are learning.