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Field Blend #2 by Ken Forkish

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Field Blend #2 by Ken Forkish

A favorite bread of one of my favorite bread books: Flour Water Salt Yeast by Ken Forkish.

The method is a little bit long to explain, so I've written it here:

Abel, BCN.



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I baked my first loaf (Wheat Walnut Bread) from Ken Forkish's book last week, and was very pleased with the result.

This one is the next on my list.

Happy Baking,


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a nice slice of bread any sandwich lover would welcome

Happy baking

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It looks like you achieved a near-perfect crumb on that loaf.  I just got Forskish's book and have only had time to make his pizza dough with poolish. I adjusted it to 70% hydration. This may be my new favorite pizza dough recipe (at least until I try the levain recipe). I'm looking forward to making a number of the breads from this book. You've inspired me!


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Mmmm, mmm, very nice! I had something fairly similar in mind for tomorrow's bake. Hopefully it will turn out as lovely as your loaf has. Thanks for sharing!