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Pita 2.0

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Pita 2.0

So I decided that I would do my variation on my earlier pita breads. My sister had asked for some more and I know that she likes a heartier, more wholesome bread in general.

These pita breads were made in exactly the same way as my previous ones. However, the flour ratios were different.

20% very strong white flour

20% rye flour

60% wholemeal flour

I also added dried sage (2 teaspoons) and sundried tomatoes to enhance flavour and excite the taste buds a little.

They puffed up nicely, but not as much as the last plain white ones and I think it was due to the hydration and maybe more water would have helped.


Crumb shot

My sister loved them. She said they tasted great and really had a nice flavour profile. The sage and sundried tomato makes an interesting combination I believe.

I also made a sticky ginger loaf because my Dad loves ginger and is working nights for a few days now and I thought he needed some sustenance. This gave a wonderful deep smell to the house all day and really is moist, very tasty and gets better after a couple of days when the ginger has fermented even more.

Happy baking everyone


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Andy, the pitas look great... I seem to have trouble getting mine to puff enough to open up after they are done... some open... others are destined to be flatbread... The sticky ginger bread looks good too. Great baking.


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Thanks Diane

I seem to have no problem getting them to puff up. I do use a tile baking surface in the oven that I think contributes to the pita puffing up. Preheat a baking tray instead if you do not have that so they go on a hot surface directly.

As I said I think the puffing up is due to dough hydration, so maybe a little more water in the mix or even spray the dough just as it goes in the oven.

Good luck


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Attractive Pitas! i'd imagine they taste great.

Have you covered them after baking? they tend to form a crust quite quickly uncovered.

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Yes, they were covered as I described in the comment below. Nice pockets, good bake and they were moist and tender. 

Thanks again 

All the best


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... pitas, Andy! Congrats!

At what oven temperature were they baked? Were they baked on a stone?

Khalid`s comment above is indeed very relevant!

Take care.

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I was actually really happy about these, they turned out very well and was told they were very nice to eat and had a great flavour. My sister ate one almost directly from the oven too.

I baked on a baking stone (well my very cheaply acquired quarry tiles) and made sure the oven was nice and hot well in advance. Baking temperature was 230C with fan. 

I removed after 3-4 min or when golden and slightly scorched around edges (easier with plain white version), and placed directly on a wire cooling rack with a tea towel placed directly over. This kept them moist and tender and no crust formed. When cooled they were either eaten, or placed in a plastic bag straight in the freezer and when defrosted can just get a minute or two and I am sure they will be as fresh as ever.

Thanks again for stopping by

All the best


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Kitchen Barbarian

OK so where is pita 1.0?  Inquiring minds want to know ...

EDIT:  Ooops, never mind, I think I found it: