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gluten flour

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gluten flour

I've recently come across 'gluten flour' which I'm guessing is just the same stuff I've read about in a couple of places around the web under a different name, the ingredient list reads... "Wheat gluten." I bought it to add to my rye breads (I don't have a gluten allergy, just enjoy the taste) to increase their rise and the elasticity of the dough, and basically to make it more 'bready'. the "suggested use" on the back states -Add gluten flour when home baking bread. To increase protein add 1 metric teaspoon to one cup of wheat flour.

would this give the desired results? or do I need to use more? less? does anyone have any experience using this?

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If it the normal 65% gluten content then 1 tsp for 1 cup of whole wheat sounds right.  I use it for all kinds of applications.  Added to plain low protein AP it becomes decent AP or even bread flour.  Bread flour becomes super bread flour for pizza,  I and it to spelt and farro to up the protein and help the crumb.