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replacing instant yeast with SD

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replacing instant yeast with SD

Hi, I am sure this question was answered already but I cannot find it. wow much starter (Levain 125%) would replace 1gr. of instant yeast?

Thanks Barbara

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as to what you are trying to do.  A 1,000g loaf of bread wet, can be risen with 1 g of levain, 50 g of water and flour made into a levain and allowed to ferment on the counter for 24 hours.  Or you could use 20 g of starter and 50 g each of flour and water for the same bread but it takes less time to build the levain say 6 hours in the summer.  OR you could use 100 -200 g of starter and forget the levain stage all together.

The thing to remember as a rule of thumb, is that you need between 10-20% of the final weight of flour and water of the loaf to be a levain at full strength to get s nice loaf of bread in some kind of reasonable time.  Just take some of the flour and water from the recipe at the hydration of the final dough and make a SD levain out of 15% of the flour and water in the recipe.

If you want more sour go longer with a smaller amount of seed starter and lower percentage of levain.  It will take longer no make bread no matter hat you do but it sure will taste better.,

Happy baking

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This is the formula that I've been following for the last four years.  290 grams active starter, 880 grams flour, 2 TBS salt (optional), 540-550 grams water.

My routine is to mix the sd, flour, water the night before.  I like to knead because I like to feel its transformation into bread.  I can also determine if it needs more flour or water (depending on the weather). I've been doing this a long time and know how it is supposed to feel.  I knead for 10 minutes or so, cover and place in refrigerator. Next morning I form into loaves.  ( Free-form loaves are too difficult to slice for me so I divide the dough into two loaves of equal weight.)  Before I form the loaves I add a 1 ounce mixture of flax, bran, and oatbran to each.  I knead it it and form it and place into well-oiled (olive oil) cast iron loafpan to rise covered in plastic wrap.  The bran mixture keeps the plastic wrap from sticking.  It rises for 7-8 hours.  Then I bake in a 420F oven for 40-45 minutes.  I used to preheat the oven but I find the bread turns out identically either way and saves on fuel.