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My first post with a photo

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My first post with a photo

Hi everyone! This is my first post and it is accompanied by a photo of a ciabatta that I did last week. Ciabatta is my most successful of all of my bread attempts.

A fresh ciabatta with a chunk of Sartori Bellavitano cheese, homemade Portobello mushroom raviolis. a Chilean EVOO dipping oil and a glass of Texas Cabernet....

Comments on the bread and the photo are appreciated!

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are well balanced and very nice looking. I'm making Ciabetta tomorrow and hope it will turn out as good as yours!

Thanks for the inspiration


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Fine crumb and great color. I also like the go-withs. What a nice way to spend Saturday evening.

Stan Ginsberg

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lovely pillowie ciabatta.. great accompaniments for the bread to soak up and eat with. 

happy baking