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Spelt SD Bread

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Spelt SD Bread

Since we discovered that my hubby's digestive upsets are lessend when he eats spelt bread versus regular wheat bread, I am working on a recipe he would like. I also wanted to combine the health benefits of spelt and sour dough. I believe , this one came out pretty good and I got a thumbs up from him.

I started with the breadtopia's sour dough spelt formula and made some adaptions:

25% Whole Spelt      84gr freshly ground)

75% White Spelt       251gr

1.8% salt                     6gr

7.5% Brown Sugar     25gr   (hubby likes it sweet)

19.4% Spelt SD            65gr

58.2% water               195gr

1.5% oil                          5gr

I did 2 feedings then mixed the dough, autolyzed and did 3 or 4 S&F in about 30 min. intervall, shaped, put in pan and up inthe fridge till bedtime, took it out and baked it next morning.

In comparison to Breadtopia I doubled the SD (I think it makes the bread lighter) added sugar and oil.

Are there any suggstions how to treat spelt SD?  Up till now I start with my rye culture and feed it twice with spelt about 12 hours apart. Would be a different way better?

As always input is appreciated.




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absolutely fantastic inside and out!  Well done!  Has to taste great!

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bread basket

Thanks dabrownman. Spelt is really different but easy to handle once one cought on.

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Song Of The Baker

This is nice.  Good job on the lift and crumb structure.  I have been looking for a good spelt loaf so I might give this one a try, less the sugar.  Johnny likes his bread less sweet.

Happy baking and thanks for sharing!!


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bread basket

Thanks John. I personally also like it without sugar but a little bit of honey gives a good taste too.

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Looks great. I bake only with spelt and have been trying sourdough on and off. My biggest problem is that the spelt dough seems to slacken greatly during a long proof when compared to wheat flour. I find that some sort of sugar/honey/agave, as well as some form of fat, really helps moisten the crumb. Please post here or send me a message if you try any other spelt formulas!

What hydration do you keep your starter at? 100%? That would put the total loaf hydration right around 62%, which seems spot on in my experience... Although I'm not sure it would hold its shape without a loaf pan.

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Hi, yes my starter is a 100% hydration. I always use a form, just makes it easier. I also use Karins recipe: Spelt bread with walnuts. She uses a biga which works great too and a soaker with butter milk.l have done this with all whole spelt.  Can't say which one I like better. The one with SD makes a wonder full crunchy toast when cut thin.