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100% Whole Wheat Gluten Development and Crumb

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100% Whole Wheat Gluten Development and Crumb

Is it possible to produce a 100% whole wheat loaf involving only flour, yeast, salt and water which results in crumb that looks like the following:

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Some of the best posts on the subject are by txfarmer, who really does fluffy-crumbed WW breads very skillfully. A good example would be

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I agree with Mister TT and will add that PiPs also has outstanding loaves using 100% ww flour.  His latest blog is an example of his newest adventures using 100% hydration. HERE

I might add that the loaf you have pictured looks more like a sandwich loaf that does have enrichments such as sweetener, eggs, milk, fat etc to soften the crumb.  Phil's loaves are lean loaves containing only flour, salt, and water. His are leavened with SD.


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whole wheat bread is to sift out the bran getting a 78% extraction.  The 22% bran portion can be autolysed at 100% hydration for 24 hours and the 78% white whole wheat flour can be autolysed for 3 hours.  The 22% bran portion can then be folded back into the 78% flour portion after the flour portion has had the gluten fully developed - I use slap and folds for that.  Then you get the best of both worlds - fully developed gluten without the bran cutting the gluten strands and the bran fully hydrated so that iit s soft to cut gluten less.  This is what I did this week with the 100% whole grain bread I made on Friday.  Worked very well at 90% hydration bu the fresh milled four could easily have been 100% hydration no worries.