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Catalan toast

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Levin bred

Catalan toast

For those of you that haven't been to Barcelona / northeastern Spain I figured I'd pass along one of my favorite simple foods ever:  Catalan toast.


Cut a thick slice of your favorite artisan bead and toast it until it is nice and crispy.

Take a clove of garlic, cut the wide end off, and scrape the flesh of the garlic vigorously  across the surface of the toast (If you leave the tough outer skin on it will protect your hand from excessive garlic smell).

Next, take a tomato from the garden, cut along the equator, and squeeze the contents onto your toast.

Finally, salt and drizzle with olive oil.


Catalan toast!  Of course there are more elaborate iterations, but this is the basic Catalan tapas--a great utilization of your artisan loaves . . .

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Sounds Good!

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It really tastes good! I use it as a basis for Catalan/English breakfast mix. Catalan toast topped with sliced vine tomatoes, garlic mushrooms, crispy bacon and topped with a fried egg. Awesome!