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Hi all!

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Jennie Beth

Hi all!

My name is Jennifer, so nice to finally meet you all.

Been prowling the corners for awhile now, and thought it was about time to introduce myself. I am a bread newbie, but have been baking for as long as I can remember: quick breads, pies, pastries. My dad just gave me a bit of his firm sourdough starter, so I am prowling again, this time for 'proper care and feeding of your new baby starter'.

Photo is of my first shot at an artisan loaf, using a Dutch oven and Jim Lahey's No-Knead recipe. I have a test batch going on the counter now, with garlic and rosemary added...

Take care,


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Hi Jennifer,  Your bread looks wonderful.   If you use your starter often (once or twice a week) it will be easy to keep it in good condition.  I take mine out the day before I plan to bake (or evening if the weather is warm), feed it in a ceramic bowl, cover it with plastic and leave it on the counter for the night.  This gives me a chance to give the starter's jar a good washing.  In the morning, I generally add a bit more flour and water and let it sit another hour or two.  Then I use what I need for the day's baking and feed what is left (at least 1/2 cup of active starter) and put it back into the refrigerator.

At times the starter will get too sour for me, so I re-build it from a few tablespoons of starter in a cup to cup and a half of flour and water to proper consistancy.  That is the only time I discard part of the starter.   I do not adhere to a rigid schedule.....but I have kept a good starter going for 3 years now.  (not long by TFL standards)

If I travel for more than a week or so, I make the starter more firm and then freeze it.  I have left it frozen for up to three weeks and brought it back to a usable state with a couple of days of feeding.

I have read starter protocols that seem to be more work than a newborn.  Doesn't seem to me that it has to be that way.    

Keep up the good baking!    Embth



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Song Of The Baker

Nice loaf Jennifer.  Crumb looks very nice.  Welcome aboard.


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Your bread looks great and sourdough awaits - not much better than that.

Happy baking