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You're invited to CABB2 -- A New Group for Advanced Bread Bakers in Chicago

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You're invited to CABB2 -- A New Group for Advanced Bread Bakers in Chicago

Advanced bread baker? In Chicago? Join CABB2

CABB2 is a new meetup group for advanced bread bakers -- both amateur and professional. We call the group "CABB2" because it's a spinoff of Chicago Amateur Bread Bakers, a group we've been organizing for the past 2½ years. Both groups share a mission to create informal opportunities for bakers to learn together and exchange knowledge, through in-person, free-of-charge meetings.

What's different about CABB2?: While Chicago Amateur Bread Bakers is a purely collaborative group for bread bakers of all skill levels, CABB2 bakers are encouraged to be both collaborative and competitive with one another. (If you're a beginner, we encourage you to join Chicago Amateur Bread Bakers.)

The Year of the Baguette: Over the next 12 months, CABB2 will meet 4 times, each meeting focused on a different set of skills needed to craft a baguette. We chose the baguette because it's a classic bread, which to bake well requires mastery of a number of fundamental skills. A baker who can bake a delicious, well-formed baguette is prepared to take on many other bread-baking challenges and succeed.

Meeting Schedule: We meet every 3 months, on the 4th Wednesday of the month.

After each meeting, we'll go for a casual dinner together.

We look forward to baking and learning with you!

Jacqueline ("bagel") + Dado ("rye")

Organizers, Chicago Amateur Bread Bakers, CABB2, and #BreadChat

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108 breads

Do you meet in a bakery or restaurant, or other type of gathering place? I am curious in terms of cost and sufficient space for people to mill about and share their breads (or baguettes) with each other. Seems like an interesting idea for DC. I am finding more and more bakers here.

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Perhaps a bakery would work if it had tables and the group was not too big (which is likely).

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With many of my employees taking vacations now through August, I am hesistant to say for sure I can make it...but I am really leaning towards it!

Thanks for the post and invite!