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KitchenAid Steam-Assist?

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KitchenAid Steam-Assist?

I've been reading the site for a while, trying to get ideas on how to improve my baking.  We are currently renovating a kitchen and I want to know if anyone has actually used the KitchenAid Steam-Assist ovens?  I saw a thread on the topic about 5 years ago, but wanted to see if anyone has one and can say if the Steam-Assist  in these KitchenAid produces good artisian bread.  

I utilize the dutch oven method for boules but sometimes I want to make other shapes that don't really lend themselves to that approach.  Also I have a very curious 3 year old boy and my wife is sick and tired of the other methods I've attempted to generate steam in the oven.  

So does anyone have any expereince with these KitchenAids?  Also, we have friends that work for Whirlpool so I can get the friends and family discount, which is why we are leaning to a KitchenAid in the first place.


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I have one that was installed about 18 mos ago, and I LOVE it!!  I no longer have to use a proof box (it has a proof setting), and I no longer have to use all the contraptions I have purchased or tried over the last many years.  I set to steam for about 10-13 minutes then to bake or convection for the rest of the time.  Bread has the best oven spring ever and is crisp on the outside and soft and chewing on the inside (sour dough).  No problems at all so far.  I have a large baking stone on the rack and put my breads directly on it.  I also have the double oven model with the water permanently hooked up to it.

Hope this helps


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Thanks for the feedback vlubarsky.  that gives me a little bit more warm and fuzzy about purchasing one blind.  I can't find any real reviews online about utilzing the Steam Assist with bread baking.  I thought the proofing option would be real nice for an old drafty house like mine.

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There have been a lot of awful comments and some love letters about KA's steam-assist. We're still in the planning stages for a new house and I wonder if you might update your experience?