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Raspberry, white chocolate and chaia seed sourdough

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Raspberry, white chocolate and chaia seed sourdough

Is being enjoyed at the cafe this week.




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wow... wow.. i love it very much.  very nice bake and combination. can you share the formula as well, thank u for sharing.


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I'm afraid I don't really have one! Is just a basic white sourdough with chaia seeds added to the initial mix, then raspberrys and white chocolate added very gently in the final proofing stage. Is also nice with toasted almonds and a drizzle of honey. Then cooked in Dutch oven till it looks done.

sorry I can't be of more help, I'm a bit of an imprecise baker!


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Tedmonkey.  It has to be very good as a breakfast toast or French toast I would think.

Happy Imprecise baking,

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Very nice.  Looks tasty!

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This is a beautiful looking loaf.  Both inside and outside.  I have never used raspberries in a loaf....lots of other fruit but never even considered raspberries....Now I will have to rethink that omission.

Thanks for the idea :)