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Taiwanese Sourdough Steam Buns - 3 different flavors

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Taiwanese Sourdough Steam Buns - 3 different flavors

Steam buns are very popular breakfast in Taiwan. This can be used as 'sandwich bread' to make sandwich with scrambled egg, cucumber, mayo, ham, dried pork crisp。


There are three kinds of steam buns here: 50% freshly milled whole wheat buns, basic white buns, and black sugar buns.

- The dough was first knead until it passes windowpane test

- rest for 5 min

- knead to long rectangular shape

- fold to 1/3

- knead to long rectangular shape again

- spray some water and roll tightly into a long cylinder shape

- cut to portions, lay a piece of paper below and let ferment until 1.5x in volume

- steam for 18-20 minutes.



This mini cylinder comes handy when estimating volume change.  


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They look too pretty to eat.

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some crispy duck in mine please!

Happy steaming

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same for me crispy duck skin!!

thanks for sharing


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May I have your recipe please? 

your buns look so perfect!!