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My first ciabatta

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Levin bred

My first ciabatta

I didn't get tot take a picture of the crumb because I didn't slice it until right before I left for work this morning.  I will tell you that all of the air pockets settled at the top and as a result the bottom half was a bit more dense.  Is this because I didn't flip the dough?  Or maybe I didn't degas enough?  At any rate, it looks good and tastes fine (by first-loaf standards).


Any advice concerning the air pocket distribution is appreciated.


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Can't comment on the crumb.

Happy baking

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Certainly some bakers (Richard Bertinet for one) recommend "flipping" the ciabatta just before baking to re-distribute the air pockets.  Personally, I get so few large air pockets that they don't need re-distibuting :-)

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I do my ciabatta I use a well floured couche.  I place tops down on couche scrunching slightly to create pretty creases.  flrip on board and stretch to pan.  Works great.  Not sure what it does for bubbles but I get a nicer crust this way.  



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david earls

especially if you bake on a hot stone. I heat my stone on top of the stove and get a nice spring. Seems to even out the air pockets, too.