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Ovens for the Home Bread Baker

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Ovens for the Home Bread Baker

Howdy friends, I need to by a new free standing gas range.  Electric is not an option.  I have owned a Kitchen Aid Superba conventional/convection oven for about ten years now and generally I have been very happy with it.  But alas it has now given up the ghost.  In really hot weather, the oven will not ignite and heat up.  (I know, I'm crazy for trying to bake bread on days when it's 95 degrees, like yesterday.)  The electroincs are also now completely shot.  I have to shut off the circuit breaker whenever I am not using the stove, because it has gotten into the habit of turning itself on.  (Scary)  A repiarman told me I was looking at 400 - 500 bucks to replace the igniter and electronics and that's just not worth it.


I have researched brands, but the typical reviews do not cover items that are critical to bread geeks, such as good insulation, consistent temp, etc.  I'm hoping you fine folks can give me some guidance.  I'm not looking for Consumer Reports types of reviews, but just some general brand recommendations.  I'd love a double oven or at least a range that included a separate warming drawer.  I've been looking at GE, LG, Bosch, and Electrolux.    Unfortunately, there websites are awful and even comparing their own models is almost impossible.  (I'm completely soured on KA at this point.  Besides, their selection of gas ranges is pitiful.) I'm willing to spend up to $2,000 - $2,500 if necessary.


Can anyone give me some sage advice?  Many thanks in advance.          Boston_Dan

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Here are links to a review I wrote on TFL re a 36" Dual-Fuel Electorlux Icon range I purchased in Dec. 2012.

The same model with a gas oven is also available and also a 30" model.

I've been using it continuously (over average use) since installing it (Dec 2012). I'm am still quite satisfied with its performance. My range was built in Canada.

Here is a link to the web site providing the range details. This is also the vendor I purchased from online. They are located in Long Island, NY and have been in business since about 1909. We were exceptionallly pleased to deal with them. They answered all our questions, intelligently and courteously. There shipping contractor--we had it delivered to Florida--were excellent.

(Note: I have no financial connection with the vendor or Electrolux);Cooking_Products;Cooking_Ranges;Price_From_High_To_Low;Page_1/72;1;14;0;4;1;

Good luck, hope you find what you're looking for.

David G

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Good info.

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Check out  Residential version of a commercial range.

We have a 30 inch gas range which has an oven sized big enough to hold a  commercial baking sheet ( or two on two racks). Has switchable convection. It is very analog so no electronics to scramble. Great oven insulation. Great ceramic broiler.  Very strong racks and associated supports.  Also has a super cooktop with easy cleaning and cast iron surfaces. 

We got ours for about $2500 but that was a super deal.



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Thanks PJ.  I have never heard of that brand but will check it out.

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Hi Paul-

You're one of the few reviewers of the AR range that I've found. I'm seriously considering their double electric ovens--I do A LOT of bread baking using steam. Do you think AR will hold up? I like the fact that there are knobs and not touch-screen controls. I can't find the ovens locally to actually see them. Basing my potential purchase on reviews. A little scary when the product is so pricey. I am desperate and need to get some ovens in my kitchen. After a few months of ownership, what do you think? Still like the product? Thanks for your comments. 

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Boston Dan, do you try to add steam by throwing boiling water ( or ice ) into a pan?  If you add steam, you will probably want to try to stay away from electronic controls, since steam doesn't get along all that well with them.  There are very few ranges without lots of electronics, but NXR makes a few that should be close to your price range,  though I don't think they have a warming drawer or double oven - you can see them online or in person at a Costco.

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Hi Barry, yes, sometimes I do use steam.  It never even occurred to me that it might mess up the electronics.  I will check out NXR.  I've never heard of it, but will research.