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manosha(arabic pizza)

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manosha(arabic pizza)


Fresh Labneh +zaatar

Fresh Labneh+Cheddar Cheese

Qashta"fresh cream" +honey

Feta Cheese+dried mint


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Zainab, those look fantastic. Can you tell us more about the dough and the toppings?



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I'd also be interested in learning more, both about the dough and the herbs and cheeses you use.

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For manosha :


2  cups warm water

2 teaspoons dry yeast

2 cups whole wheat flour

2 1\2 cups white flour

2 teaspoons salt

1 tablespoon sugar

1 tablespoon olive oil

1)place all ingredients in the bowl of mixer ,beat 10 minutes to make a soft dough.

2)Cover  and let rise for 10 minutes

3)Divide dough into 4 pieces.

4)shape each piece into a ball,roll each ball into a 20cm round.

5)Brush the top with olive oil

for Topping:

*Fresh Labneh +zaatar

*Fresh Labneh+Cheddar Cheese

*Qashta"fresh cream" +honey

*Feta Cheese+dried mint

I add the cheddar cheese and the honey after baking

6)Bake at 450 for  15  minutes.

If you can not find Fresh Labneh ,you can use strained yogurt.


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It's always such a cultural education for me when you post, Zainaba! These look wonderful, as usual. What is zaatar?

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Thank you browndog

zaatar seasoning:dry blend of roasted sesame seeds,thyme and sumac,available in Arabic specialty shops.

My Home made zaatar mix:

1 cup dried thyme.

3 tablespoons sumac.

1 teaspoon salt

1\4 cup toasted sesame seeds.

1\2 teaspoon Lemon salt


zaatar seasoning

My Home made zaatar mix

Lemon salt

toasted sesame seeds


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  for Topping:

*Feta Cheese+fresh mint+cucumbers"sliced+tomatoes+seedless black olives.(my sister meedo recipe)

*shallots"green onions" ,chopped+Cream Cheese Spread

*onion+tomatoes+salt+dried basil+dried oregano +grated parmesan cheese+mustard seeds+nutritional yeast flakes.(my sister meedo recipe)


Blend all ingredients in the blender


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Yum,yum, yum! Can I come to your house for dinner?



"I am not a cook. But I am sorta cooky."

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Thank you cooky.

Please come ,you will be more than welcome.


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A baking tour in Saudi Arabia sounds like a great adventure. I have been lucky to travel many interesting places in the world (including Bangladesh and Indonesia last year), but I have never been to your part of the world. I promise if I can find a way to get there, you will hear from me!


"I am not a cook. But I am sorta cooky."

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Wow, those are beautiful!  Thanks for sharing all the info and photos. 

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I'm curious about the sumac. Do you think it's the same as what grows wild around here and is  used sometimes for tea? Staghorn sumac we call it, as opposed to poison sumac, it has velvety deep red 'berries' that birds eat in the winter when they're desperate.

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Hi browndog,

I use sumac in cooking and baking.I never try it in tea.

you can read more about sumac :


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You have done a masterful job with your post. The images of your wonderful breads evoke new  flavors and tastes for me and many others I am sure. You are a prime example of the value of this site, thank you!

I look forward to trying to learn enough about your formulas and flavors to do justice to your efforts.


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Thank you Eric .

I always love to share my recipes and my experience in baking with others.


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WOW!!!!!!  I think I'm going to cry - those look soooo delicious!

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those really look delisous,  if you ever pick sumac around here, don't go near the bushes with the white berries.  A little tip from my boy scout days.



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 do those pointy little(?) devils at the end of your original post have a different name?  How big are they.  They look like Arabian Kolackys! 

 Great post.



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Wonderful pizzas Zainab!

I was intrigued when you listed Labneh as a topping, I have made fresh Leban in the past from strained Kefir milk curd as a wonderful topping on sandwiches. I have found instructions here which show how easy it is.

Thank you for providing a new use for Sumac, normally we collect it for dyeing newly spun sheeps fleece. I can't wait to try this seasoning.

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Thank you all,

George ,about pointy little manosha ,it is the same recipe for the dough and Topping.

for little manosha ,Divide dough into 24 pieces.



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zainaba, which country are you from or from where are you pulling the topping combinations?

While I have seen almost any topping on manaeesh/manooshi/manosha. The most common topping you'll see in Lebanon is just zaatar + olive oil. Yours also look a tad thicker then the ones I normally see back home.

I'd also suggest making one half chees half zaatar and then folding it when you eat it. I saw it for the first time in Montreal, quite tasty.

Still looks good,


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Oh my!  These look marvelous.  I wasn't even hungry until I looked at these again. I will have to try them sometime.

I think Penzey's in the US carries zaatar seasoning, though I've no idea how authentic it is.  Most of their stuff is quite good.

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and plan on trying some of this. I didn't think to look for Zaatar at Penzey's, There spices are sooo good and fresh. I'm so lucky to have them just down the road to me.


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Iam from gulf .specifically from Saudi Arabia.

all my topping combinations came from my childhood favorite food.

I try the Very thin crust manosha in Lebanon,and I did not like it ,it was loaded with oil.

all my favorite Bakeries here in Saudi Arabia sell thick crust I grow up loving thick crust.


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Thank you kippercat,

please try my recipe  and tell me what you think?


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Zainab, thanks for the recipe(s)! The next time I make pizza (which I probably make once every two weeks), I will try manosha instead. I have started an herb garden in my yard and so I can use fresh mint and thyme... very exciting. 

Keep posting! 

~ nesserskye 

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 Thank you nesserskye ,

If you try my recipe do not forget to post picture ,and tell me what you think?


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Is it possible to get the recipie for the bread used in the Labneh+zaatar? It looks delicious, thick and airy!

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The OP posted the recipe in this thread. Currently it is the third comment and was made on 9 June 2007 5:26pm 

She also writes about various seasonings and comments on the mini version in this thread too. It's worth reading through the whole thread.