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SFBI Artisan I and Viennoiserie I

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SFBI Artisan I and Viennoiserie I

Hello! First time here in the forum ...

I'm enrolled in SFBI's Artisan I and Viennoiserie I (starting in 10 days!) and wanted to seek advice from anyone who's taken either or both of these courses:

Is there anything you wish you knew before heading into these classes? And, in retrospect, is there anything you wish you'd asked the instructor?

I'm so thrilled to be enrolled and really want to get the most I can out of this experience.

I also notice that while a some of you have described your Artisan I experiences in fabulous detail, there isn't yet a thread about Viennoiserie I. So I'll aim to put up a few posts about it during or after my week in class.





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Only took the weekend classes, and simply wished that I asked more questions or had instructor show me how to shape again.

Please do share your experiences!  I'm very jealous.

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Welcome to TFL!

Assuming you are a home baker, I would say the best thing to brush up on is baker's math, if you don't already feel confident of your ability to use it. 

Do you know who your instructor will be?

I have not done the viennoiserie workshop, but the Artisan I and II workshops were outstanding. Prepare to have a blast! Looking forward to your reports!