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Rings collapsing on tea ring....

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Deb Congrove

Rings collapsing on tea ring....

I get so frustrated! I have made beautiful fruit and cream cheese tea rings that I add egg yolk to the cheese to help it raise. However my cinnamon tea rings often have collapsing rings. The exterior ring stands up but the interior rings collapse. First guess is that they are underdone. I try checking the bottom, tapping, color,.... I have heard that rich doughs are done at 170.... and also at 200! I thought maybe I let them, occasionally it happens, raise too much and the gluten strands are too thin..... I am open to ideas.( I did try brushing the dough with egg yolk before the butter and sugar. It was beautifully high, but also collapsed when cooling. Temp was 180...  Grrrr.....)



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Mini Oven

I need a picture,  I know tea rings as having only one ring in the inside middle.  The outside with cut rolls.  But I think I know what you're talking about.  A little bit of shrinking will always be there but if the risen ring is baked too high a temp, the thinner parts are baked before the thicker parts, the center almost always being the slow poke.  

Try lowering the temp a few degrees and baking longer.  Also don't let the ring rise so long before baking getting it sooner into the oven will give you more spring and less collapsing.  If you have to, cover the outside with a foil strip to protect from over browning.  Another tip is to cut deeper into the ring so the middle is not so thick and make the inner ring larger.  

Adding yolk to the cheese to raise it?  I think adding 1/3 or half a beaten egg might raise it more.   Good luck.