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How about a couple of extra lessons for the website?

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How about a couple of extra lessons for the website?

Autolyse and kneading wet dough, for example.

I only mention these two as they are what I'm struggling with at home, but I'm sure there are other concepts and techniques regularly utilised by those in the know that could be posted up for unwashed rookies like myself.


All in favour?

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Check out Floyd's "Lesson 5" :

Access all lessons from top banner


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It's good to see I'm making a valid contribution to the forum early on ...


Many thanks.  For some unknown reason I stopped looking at the lessons at number four ...


Time to flex my 'thread delete' muscles.

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The search box in the upper right is very useful.  type in those terms (or anything else you are curious about!) and there likely will be many posts from experienced bakers that you can refer too.  There is not much that has'nt been covered somewhere, so give it a whirl.  Enjoy!!

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If anything it can return too many hits but , then again, there is a LOT of information on this site! The threads (most of them, anyways) can be bookmarked to review later. I have been here for years and just found that out recently! Like you said-time to look around-even for the not-so-newby! Do you know about the "My account>Track" feature? Another useful feature.

Floyd, I am so glad you modernized the site-it made me take a closer look at all the features I never used as well as the new ones to enjoy. Thanks!

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Actually the search feature works better than before. Time was when you opened a link on page 2 onwards of the results and then hit the arrow to go back a page, it always took you back to page one. Now it takes you back to the page you left. Much more user friendly.

Thanks again Floyd for all your hard work.