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Hi All,

I m from Dublin Ireland I have baked years ago but am just starting back, I'm  interested in baking sourdough bread/ boule style and pullman loaves. I had lovely all wholemeal sourdough bread bought in a supermarket in Lyon last summer and thought I would love to bake bread like this really tangy and chewy. I have had not great success with all wholemeal loaves. I have a very active starter which i got and have been feeding for the last week I guess this leads to my first question as it was a small amount of starter i got i planned on buliding it up in bulk i have been feeding every day but not discarding any this may seem like a stupid question but can you overfeed?

And next any tips for getting a nice rise on all wholemeal bread? I have had great reults with 50/50 and similar ratios of white to wholemeal but wanted to see if i could get similar results with all wholemeal flour