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Overproofed bread?

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Overproofed bread?

Hi all,

It seems a bit obvious, but is this overproofed bread or just too wet? -or both?  After pressing the air out of this dough & letting it rise again it was fine but it was a bit wetter than usual.  I didn't leave it for much longer than usual.  I was expecting this bread to be nice & tall but came back to it and found it had risen then collapsed over the side of the tin!  It hasn't happened before so I don't recognise what has gone wrong.  Many thanks x

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...I'm sure these pictures will make many of you bread artisans wince!

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I like the pictures as they say so much.  We have all had baking disasters of varying degrees so believe me when I guarantee that you are not alone.  If you want to post your recipes with procedural details you will encourage very specific answers to your question.


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...seems lacking, and as above too wet.  knead longer.  research stretch and folds on this site (search box).  And if you see a recipe you like, try following as most post detailed instructions...  good luck!!

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My read on this is that it may have had more water than usual (or less flour), which meant that it will ferment a little more quickly than usual.  A wetter dough It also means that it will take more kneading or stretching/folding to get enough structure in the dough.  

And given the season, if you are in the northern hemisphere, perhaps it is now a little warmer in your kitchen than it was last time you made this, which means that the fermentation time needs to be shortened to account for the effect of temperature.

So it looks like a wetter dough that lacked structure and may have also been overproofed due to warmer temps.  Any of that ring true?

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Thanks all, yes, on reflection I think it was too wet as I added a dollop of sourdough starter & don't think I accounted for that, also it was left a little longer than usual & I probably didn't knead it for long enough as it was wetter & harder to deal with.

My sourdough starter is looking really good so I'm looking forward to trying sourdough with no added dried yeast, will check out the sourdough section on this site.  I find the taste a little strong though so may end up using a little sourdough and a little yeast..  Anyway, that's a different conversation.

Cheers again!