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Adding in extras

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Adding in extras

Hi Guys. My newbie sourdough experiments are going well thanks to advice on this forum. I now want to do something a bit different and make a flavoured sourdough. For example, olives or seeds etc. Now, normally you knead these in just before the final proove. But what about sourdough? Normally I handle very gently and never knead as such. How can I best incorporate these ingredients?

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add ins in teh dough during the stretch and folds  If'm doing 4 on 15 minute intervals Iwould put them in on the set.

Hope this helps

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What do you mean by "on the set"?

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Thanks dabrownman. What set would you add the ingredients? The last set of stretch and folds? I'm planning on olives and coriander later today. Yum!

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Fred Rickson

I really want any added flavors to permeate the loaf.  So, I grind some seeds to powder, and also add some whole seed for the effect, and use olives, cheese, etc. early in the 3-5 day build.  Doesn't effect the build, and, as I noted above, you have the taste in every bite.  Just me.