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Feta cheese & hot pepper sourdough No Knead

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Feta cheese & hot pepper sourdough No Knead

modified a no knead recipe by Jeff & Zoe. 

I added some whole wheat sourdough starter, reduced water content then threw in a cup of feta cheese and some hot Italian peppers. Baked on a pizza stone! 


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Wow, it has to be pretty good bread.  It defies gravity!

Seriously, now I need to get some hot pepper for my next bread.

Thanks for sharing!

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has to taste as good as it looks!  Hope the the crumb was just as pleasing.  So what hydration did you end up with?

Happy baking!

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Hmmm so not sure what my hydration was but here is what did. 

3.5 cups flour, 2 big spoonfuls of ww sourdough starter 3/4 tsp of active dry yeast, 1 Cup of warm water, 1tsp salt plus feta etc 

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How did it taste?

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I was afraid of putting in too many hot peppers, but it could have taken more. The taste was excellent and I shared with my work colleagues which was a great feeling to share.