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Sleepy vol-au-vents

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Juergen Krauss

Sleepy vol-au-vents

I shouldn't be baking when I am too tired, especially not something new:

I did only enough turns for croissants, getting 32 layers. Butter everywhere!

The next try was much better, with 256 layers:

But this time I think the problem is the oven. Fan only, and the door seems to loose a lot of heat.

I rotated the baking sheet every 10 minutes during the bake.





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Those look amazing!  Nice job.

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Those look great.  My puff just sticks together like it's glued, which is a terrible way to eat it.

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256 layers :- O

I am amazed and in awe.  These look beautiful.  Like they would simply melt in your mouth.  


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I can feel it melting in my mouth.  Beautiful !

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Juergen Krauss

for your generous comments.

I am always amazed watching laminated dough puff up, and with vol-ay-vents it is this 1.2 cm thick ring that has to expand to over 5 times its height.

Actually not that difficult to make, but in a way hard to believe it works. 

Watching them bake is better and more thrilling than any TV show!