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An Eight Foot Long Loaf of Bread!

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Postal Grunt

An Eight Foot Long Loaf of Bread!

Everything is up to date in Manhattan, that is the "Little Apple" of Manhattan, KS. While looking at the Kansas Wheat Commission's site for info on the state of the state's harvest potential, I found a link to:

where I found the desired information and found this article about an oddity from Kansas and the world of baking.


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I got stuck on the name of the place:

"the Kansas Wheat Innovation Center"..,

Though reading down about the annual wheat tour  proved much more interesting than the 8 foot loaf prank - guess the PR person is dying for any sort of press notoriety. 

The upshot is the 2013 Kansas wheat harvest is expected to be down by 12.8% from 2012's actual...,