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Big thank you

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Big thank you

To the bloggers on this site who inspired me to make fresh blueberry and white chocolate sourghdough with chaia seeds. Cooked in a Dutch oven, which I'd never even heard of before visiting here. Chaia seeds were new to me too as they are not very common in the uk.

Bread has a gorgeous nutty taste and is utterly delicious. My favourite so far.

So big thanks again,



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Beautiful Catherine!

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beautiful crust, where is the crumb ?? 


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In my freezer and my stomach, I'm afraid! Was nice and open and soft, with some yummy squidgy blueberry craters. Now I'd like to try and make some bread with tea. I've got some lovely chamomile flowers, so if anyone has any suggestions ...

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oh wow that looks amazing! Where's that recipe? Was that posted here or did you create this as a new variation?

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Inspired from recipes on here, but mostly I just make things up, chuck a bit of whatever I fancy in and go by eye and feel. Which is why I can never write my recipes down on this blog. They are never the same and I've no idea what hydration etc!

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If it tastes half as good as it looks - Yummy!