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Soft white pull apart dinner rolls

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Soft white pull apart dinner rolls

I have gone 'off' bread so to speak and for two months now have not baked a loaf.  A single man living alone, I find buns and muffins much more practical for my current lifestyle.  Corn bread muffins have been a fave and manana, I will bake the 3gmas corn bread muffins with bacon and corn yumm!

My latest fave recipe is from PR's ABED: soft white bread.  I have cut the recipe in half and reduced the sugar by one third:

Proofed in a 9x9" lasagna pan.

Proofed on parchment and supported by a linen cloche.

Beautiful flavour and crumb.  Next bake I will build a wooden square to contain the free standing rolls on parchment, a little bigger than my lasagne pan, just for fun and to help the rolls spring up more.


300g flour

210g warm milk

29g sugar

2T oil

2T honey

½ egg, beaten

1t salt

11/2t yeast

Brushthe remaining egg wash over the rolls fefore baking and brush with melted butter 5 minutes after coming out of the oven.

Enjoy,  Brian

Bake @ 350F 40 minutes

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I'm going to bake these with SD and see how they do,  I'm always looking for a good roll and these sure fit the bill.

Happy baking

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Sourdough is an interesting idea and there you have done it again:  seeded another great idea!  Okay, I am trying tangzhong with today's batch.  Next batch sourdough!

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Have you tried this recipe with SD. If so, how did come out?

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I'm going to try this with no retarding, maybe full recipe but half rolls and one loaf because I need (okay, I want) them today. You might want to cut back on the corn in the cornbread recipe, I thought it made it a little on the heavy side of texture. Taste was nice though. Hope you enjoy them.


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With all of the sugar and honey in this recipe I didn't bother retarding.  Bulk was about 11/2 hours and ditto for proofing.  When I was a young child, we used to go to Florida every winter and there was a restaurant in Lake Worth or West Palm at the time called Morrisons and they had the BEST dinner rolls I had ever tasted.  A tall black man in full chef's whites and chef's hat would bring around big stainless trays of these hot steaming delicious rolls.  I remember as a 7 year old having 8 rolls one night for dinner!  I'm not sure I ate much else . . .

I am wondering what to do for dinner and I think fried chicken and your awesome looking corn bread muffins with some sausauge gravy just might do the trick.  Okay, time to get busy!

Regards, Brian

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Thank you sir. Well done!

I will try these soon. Beautiful presentation.