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Kitchen Rental Woes

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Kitchen Rental Woes

To test my product before diving in to full-time bread sales...I want to rent out space in a commercial kitchen and try to sell at a farmer's/produce market.

Initially, my goal was to certify my home kitchen which is pretty easy to do in my state. However...I have an HOA (no good) and I realize that my home oven will be a HUGE bottleneck to production...nor will it give me any experience working with commercial-grade gear.

I live in Charlotte, NC and given the popularity of food trucks...I assumed that finding space in a kitchen would be someone easy. To start, I only need to use a COUNTER for a few hours Friday night...then the ovens Saturday morning. Plus, storage space.

I've get to find a space and have called restaurants, caterers, commercial kitchens, delis, bagel biz, etc.

I have ONE woman who owns a cake shop who is considering but since we've both never shared before, she seems very hesitant. I'm curious to know if anyone has done this and what you've LEARNED from the experience? Did you both sign an agreement? Did you find hourly/monthly rent charges more agreeable? What is a fair price for rent?

Thank you!