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Two Loafs For My Son's First Birthday

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Two Loafs For My Son's First Birthday



This weekend we have celebrated my son's first birthday. for the occasion I have prepared three breads:


- Baguette's (which did not came out that good...) - Jeffrey Hamelman's Baguettes with poolish

- Golden Raisin and Walnut Bread - again from Hamelman's. which was a huge success, 

always is.

- "Mixed-Flours Olives Bread" - my development. which it's formula i will list here.


But first some photos:




Mixed-Flours Olives Bread Crumb:


And my One year old Son!


Mixed-Flours Olives Bread



For the Pre-Ferments (Poolish)

100g Bread Flour

100g Whole Wheat Flour

100g Whole Rye Flour

300g water

A pinch of Instant yeast


For the final dough:

200g Bread Flour

60g water

2g  Instant yeast (half a Teaspoon )

10g Salt

100g Kalamata olives 



1.Mix all of the poolish's ingredients until smooth. Place in a lidded plastic container and et stand for 12 to 16 hours. 

2.Add all of the ingredients (except of the olives ) of the final dough to the bowl of a stand mixer. mix on the first speed for 2 minutes until a uniform dough is from.

3.Knead the  dough for 5-7 minuets on the second speed.

4.Proof the dough for 40 minuets in a sealed container  - fold.

5.Proof for another 40 minuets - fold.

6.Proof for another 40 minuets - shape.

7.Proof for 60-75 minutes.

8.Bake in a 230° oven for 50 minutes - apply steam in the first 10 minutes.



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Great looking breads, and Happy Birthday to your little one!

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All the bread looks tasty inside and out.  I hope the birthday boy got a toy truck for his birthday too - to haul his bread around in:-)  Happy Birthday to your son and Happy Baking  to you.


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Happy Birthday to your son! Lucky boy to have these wonderful breads made for his special day.

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Happy birthday to that little cutie!

Beautiful breads! all of them. I love the crust color so much. Your mixed flour bread looks very good. How long have you been baking bread?