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Rustic Bread - from Hamelman's book 'Bread'

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Rustic Bread - from Hamelman's book 'Bread'

This is a great recipe from a great book.

The recipe is posted here: 

I actually followed the recipe exactly .. which for some reason is rare for me.   The only difference was I baked at 425 vs. 450.   I wanted a little bit softer crust.. and this worked well.    (so I guess I didn't follow it exactly..).

Anyway, I tripled the batch.. these are 1.5lb loaves.

I had to split it up into 3 different bakes.. so the last loaf (poppy seeds) sat for a good hour and a half waiting for the other loaves to bake.  It still held up pretty well.  

I used a small stone for these and can  only fit 2 at a time.

These all have egg wash except the 2 pan loaves.. just flour on those.

The taste is great.  Three of us took out a loaf and a half before the day was out.

(now you know why I tripled the recipe)





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Well done.

 Nice baking.