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Also poolish is died at high temputure?

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sungmo kim

Also poolish is died at high temputure?


I always wanted to know that died at high temputure like dry yeast. 

Dry yeast is died by warm water(50 C+)

Then, is died poolish by warm water(50 C+) ?


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Mini Oven

Better to stay 5°C or 10°F below that temperature.  Wet or dry.

I rarely go above 40°C with any dough or yeast.


But if poolish is good (not stringy) use it anyway but add yeast when mixing the dough.  

It might be very tasty even if the yeast died.  Dead yeast is also used as a dough enhancer.  :)

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For sourdough I would not go higher than 32*C (90°F).