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Hello from Cambridgeshire

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Hello from Cambridgeshire

Hi all I baked my very first loaf 2 weeks ago and I was very pleased with the result. Since then I've tried Soda bread which was was fine but the texture was too cake-like, a Wholemeal which was a bit dense but quite eatable, and a sourdough starter followed by a sourdough loaf. Having never eaten sourdough bread before I don't know how good or bad it was but we ate it anyway. So here I am to learn more and share my disaster stories and successes. And yes, I think I've got the bread bug.

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TFL is less like a 12-step program for recovering addicts and more like a bunch of co-dependents who cheer you on.  No cure for the bread bug here, I'm afraid.  :-)

Welcome!  I look forward to hearing about your baking successes and failures.


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Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride!