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Apple blueberry chia seeds whole wheat sourdough bread fragrant with blue pea flower

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Apple blueberry chia seeds whole wheat sourdough bread fragrant with blue pea flower

inspired byFarina

my version of this bread. out of spelt flour at that moment. replaced with organic whole wheat flour. friend gave me a handful of beautiful blue pea flower from her garden. this flower is popular among our locals making nyonya kueh..

the amazing blue it gives .. and fragrant as well, quite similar to lavender.


made 2 batards and a boule..

soaked the blue pea flower with some hot water n pounded. because it was so little i lightly mixed it into the dough as i did the SF.

this crumb shot is from the Boule.. lovely hue of blue :) 

taste great..

a picture from my wonderful friend she made tonight's dinner eaten with 2 slices of the bread





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Another nice bake, well done!



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cheers Wingnut!!

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blue in the flower world.  Perfect for blueberry bread and chia.  So what kind of apples are in there?  Is this made with your yeast water too?  Love the crumb, it is just perfect.

I have my take, on your cranberry bread, final proofing right now.  It is a mix of YW and Rye Sour with other stuff as usual:-)

Well Done Evon!

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no.. this time i followed the rules!! lol... bought some good new zealand organic apple sauce with no added sugar. 

wow, .. proofing!! so excited.. yeah me!


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recipe so we can take a peek.  My wife has been hoarding in the pantry 6 applesauce cups, no sugar added, for just about forever.  They go out pof date next month and we need to get rid of them soon..... bread is a great way to use them up. 

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hi, dabrowman,

  • 485 g bread flour /white spelt flour
  • 323 g whole wheat/ whole spelt flour
  • 242 g wheat/ spelt sarter at 100% hydration 
  • 565 g coconut water / water ( adjust for diffrent flour used)
  • 80 g milk powder
  • add ons:
  • handfull or more blue pea flower ( pounded)
  • 242 g fresh blueberries 
  • 242 g applesauce 
  • 80 g chia seeds
  • 15 g salt
  1. Add the chia seeds and the dry milk to the flours. 
  2. Add starter and water and fold until the dry ingredients are well hydrated 
  3.  rest for 30- 45 mins or more
  4. Add applesauce and blueberries and fold until incorporated
  5. Add salt and adjust hydration
  6. SF a few times 
  7. rest for 30 minutes
  8. Repeat step 6 three or four times with wet hands. (add the blue pea flower on third SF)
  9. Refrigerate overnight 10-12 hours.  
  10. The next day, bring to room temperature, divide as desired and pre-shape. Let rest 15 minutes.
  11. Shape and set to proof <2.5 hour> in well floured basket with rice flour.
  12. Pre-heat oven to 470°F/243°C
  13. bake with steam or dutch oven 30 - 35 mins

happy baking :)


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Your creativity knows no bounds. I love your photography also. A real adventure to open your posts. c

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thanks .. trailrunner


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Hi Evon,

A beautiful loaf.  I have baked this one of MC's too.  It is a keeper.  

Your meal looks delicious.  I love the colors.

Love your photos too.

Take Care,


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Just simply beautiful.....I love the color from the flowers and blueberries.

so did you taste the applesauce?


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hi Ian, yes did taste the applesauce. it brings out a light sweetness and cut down the sourness of sourdough. it is like the yeast water in a bread. 


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and thought now who made that?   Of course it was you.   Beautiful!  -Varda

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thank u Varda :) lovely to hear from you


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Beautiful! You have talent in baking and cooking, Evon!


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i know i have passion :) thanks Khalid. 

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As good as ever, Evon. How I love the blue pea flowers! It has been ages since I made nine layer kueh. Should search my kitchen for leftover dried flowers from last time I made it. They are looking gorgeous in your bread with blueberries to match.

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thanks Aplana, just trying to use local ingrediets to enhance the quality and visaul beauty of sourdough bread.


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Mini Oven

Loaf turned out beautifully!  

Local ingredients are often the most economical too, making the loaf unique as well.  My husband used to laugh at me tasting marigolds blossoms in the green house.  Now he knows he can much on the ones I have growing.  

Blue pea blossoms, wow!  That is blue!  There is a green bean with... have you tried red bean blossoms?  I will plant some this year just to taste them, peas too.  Peas also have white & pink blossoms.  Can you taste them?  

I've run into conflickting info on sweet pea blossoms (pink & white) one saying only the peas are problematic in large amounts, another mentioning the blossoms.  Always good to research any blossom from several sources.