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Publishing tips

Publishing tips

Content types

  • blog entries - blog entries give you the most freedom and discretion. Replies to blog entries do not go on the site homepage.
  • forum posts - forum posts are the highest profile.  This is the best way to ask a question.
  • recipes - recipes are a very structured content type and may not be well adapted to the multi-stage processes many breads require.  If you try posting one and find it frustratingly restrictive, switch to a blog post!


There are numerous ways of getting images in your post:

  • If you have one image that represents the post, use the photo upload button. This image will show up at the top of the post and be used as a thumbnail throughout the site.  Images should be uploaded in a fairly large size, ideally 1,000-1,200px wide. The site will automatically size them appropriately.
  • The "tree" photo button can be used to include a URL to a remotely hosted image.  After clicking the tree you can also click on the upload button () next to the URL to get a file browser that will let you upload an image.
  • The "media" button also lets you upload an image. There are still a few UI quirks here but it works.


Click the media button (), then click the "Web" tab.  In there you can paste in a YouTube or Vimeo URL or embed code and it will get embedded into your post.


  • The site now uses an adaptive layout, meaning the size and position of images will change to fit the size of the device it is being viewed on. Complex layouts are unlikely to adapt well to all screens, so simpler layouts are preferable.
  • Content and tables pasted from Word or Excel should retain their general shape, though fonts and colors will be stripped to match the rest of the site.


ananda's picture

Hi Floyd,

Is there a way to select posts as "favourites" like on the old site?   It certainly helped me create a handy reference point for easy access to nuggets like this.

Best wishes


dabrownman's picture

I upload a video saved on my computer from my camera, like a photo I ta\ke with the same camera, rather than having to publish it on YouTube First?