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Updates updates

Things are finally starting to settle down a bit.  I baked today the first time since kicking off the site move, another batch of the Hokkaido Milk Bread with Tangzhong.

Man is it good and easy to make.  The only difficulty is it is so sticky that I spend half the mixing time scraping the dough off the hook and back into the bowl.  This is the first bread in a long time that has me seriously contemplating a mixer upgrade at some point. 

I'm continuing to fix things and chip away at the wishlist, as well as just generally be active on the site and "eat my own dogfood."  Now that we're geting settled into this new environment, it is much easier for me to make changes. Well... not all changes, but many things that I didn't have easy access to I do now.  So things should keep getting better.

FYI for tracker junkies: you may have seen (or will see soon) a bunch of updates to old content.  That was me. First I was editing them by just switching input format because I was trying to fix the issue with some posts blanking out, which I have now fixed.  I'm now editing some older posts to attach one of the images already in the post to the new "Image" field at the top.  Having that image lets me do all kinds of cool tricks like auto-generate thumbnail images for posts in search results or in list, which I'll start to do once more posts have images attached like that.  I am not editing folks's content in any way.



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When the site is working as nice as your milk bread - we will have all died and go to heaven!  Its getting better every day - and i think your milk bread is better too.

Happy baking

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I second the motion!

I really appreciate your hard work and I'm very impressed so far with the progress you've made.



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Looks so delicious.   Love the new site.  -Varda

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I tried this after your last post, but clearly left the dough too dry.  Have to give it another go.


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Always seems to be a reason to buy a new kitchen toy tool.   Spend hundreds of dollars on a machine to mix less than a dollars worth of ingredients.....sounds just right to me *-)

Thanks for all the work you and your wife have put into this site upgrading it.  I am very grateful for your continued commitment to TFL.  This 'place' has become a place that I depend upon for inspiration :-)

Take Care,


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Glad to see you are enjoying yourself-the bread is delicious looking!

The site is getting better and better-Thank you both for all your efforts in keeping the community going.