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Rye Chops/Cracked Rye

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Rye Chops/Cracked Rye

Hi all

Im working my way through a few of Hamelman's recipes. I'm wondering if anyone can tell  me what Rye Chops and Cracked Rye are, what they are called in the UK and where I can get them? I've had a look at the website of Holland & Barrett(big health food store chain) but cannot see them.

Many thanks


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Faith in Virginia

They are what they say they are.  Rye chops is the rye berry chopped to course pieces and cracked rye is  berry's that have been cracked once again very course.

You have asked the million dollar question. Where can I get them.    Found these online places.

These guys call it Kibbled rye

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You'll find them called "chopped rye" or "kibbled rye".  You can also get them from scandinavian shops.  In Swedish they're called "rågkross".  It's been a while since this entry was updated, but I stumbled upon it while looking four sources in the UK myself - I just finished the bag I bought in a supermarket in Helsinki last year!