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Focaccia (pâté fermente)

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Focaccia (pâté fermente)

it's very convenient to make bread with scraps from a previous batch. Taboot it creates a wonderful flavor without the need for starter builds and lots of time. I'm sharing a nice focaccia recthat that comes together rather quickly yet tastes wonderful thanks to the old dough.  

The old dough is 75% hydration and made from a dough that is 85% white 15% wheat. The dough is generally 24 hours old and held in a 40 degree fridge. 

For two half sheet pans. 

41.5 oz   Old dough

36 oz.  highs protein flour

36 oz.  water,  very warm

.1 oz   instant yeast

.3 oz. salt


1). Place flour warm water and old dough in bowl and mix on speed 1 for 5 minutes. Scrape down and let stand 30 minutes

2). Add yeast and mix to incorporate, add salt and do the same. Turn machine to hi and mix until dough comes together snd cleans the bowlThose amount of time will vary depending on your machine. 10-20 minutes. Place dough in oiled container cover. Bulk ferment 1 hour

3. Spray pans lightly especially the corners. Put 1/4 cup of good olive oil on pans.

4. Spread oil over the pan and use your oiled hands to divide dough in half   If scaling its roughly 55 oz each pan. Place dough on oiled pan and then flip so dough is coated in oil. Let rest 30 minutes. 

5). using your finger tips press dough to fill out pan evenly. Sprinkle with coarse salt and rosemary sprigs.  Let rise Until just starting to reach edge of pan. 

6). 450 preheated oven with stone.  dimple and load in oven turn down to 425. Bake 35-45 minutes until deep golden. remove from pan immediately to a wire rack and brush tops with olive oil.  This bread is best very fresh or toasted. 

Hope you plan to make extra dough and try


happy baking





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